Home Weapons Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference: SCAR-20

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference: SCAR-20

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference: SCAR-20


  • ➢  Delivers fatal damage with 1 shot to the head against even armored targets
  • ➢  High tagging factor (the amount the enemies movement speed is reduced when hit)
  • ➢  Extremely accurate at long range
  • ➢  High rate of fire for a scoped sniper rifle
  • ➢  Low recoil
  • ➢  Average reload time


  • ➢  One of the most expensive weapons in the game
  • ➢  Heavier weapon
  • ➢  No crosshair and low accuracy when not using the scope
  • ➢  Smaller magazine size


  • ➢  The SCAR-20 is a powerful weapon in the right hands. It’s long range, high damage, and automatic firing mode can be abused by expert players
  • ➢  The SCAR-20 is an extremely expensive weapon and should not be used by frontline players
  • ➢  Force stopping or standing still before firing the SCAR-20 is highly recommended
  • ➢  The SCAR-20 can become widely inaccurate when firing at its maximum rate of fire
  • ➢  The SCAR-20 is one of the best anti-rush weapons


  • ➢  For long range plays, attempt to crouch and fire in order to increase accuracy and decrease recoil
  • ➢  It’s not necessary to attempt headshots with the SCAR-20 (unless the enemy is completely standing still and unaware of your position), instead aim for the torso/stomach (the largest part of the hitbox)
  • ➢  Attempt to find a sniper’s roost or cover when using this weapon➢  While the SCAR-20 is an automatic rifle, it is not recommended to rapid fire. Instead wait ~0.3 seconds between shots

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