Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference P90


  • ➢ High rate of fire
  • ➢ Deals moderate damage to armored opponents for an SMG (only the UMP45 delivers higher damage)
  • ➢ Large magazine size (50 rounds)
  • ➢ Low recoil for an SMG
  • ➢ Lightweight


  • ➢ Low accuracy range
  • ➢ Large spread of bullets when spray firing
  • ➢ Long reload time
  • ➢ Small ammo reserve (100)
  • ➢ High cost for an SMG


  • ➢ During anti-eco rounds, the P90 (especially for Counter-Terrorists with the high cost of the M4A4) is an ideal choice
  • ➢ The P90 really shines in close quarter combat and tightly packed maps (cs_office for example)
  • ➢ Although headshots from the P90 will not result in a fatal hit against armored targets (it will against unarmored targets), it is recommended to aim for the head to deliver high damage or kill injured opponents
  • ➢ The P90 is a great weapon to use for spraying techniques
  • ➢ Seek cover or retreat when having to reload the P90. Alternatively, switch to your pistol if the enemy is hard engaging



  • ➢ At medium to close range, the high rate of fire and relatively low recoil allows for players to secure multiple kills against a group of enemies
  • ➢ The P90 has excellent armor piercing power. Users should always aim for the head and pull down on the recoil
  • ➢ Anticipate your recoil. Aim at the top line of the reticle when rapid firing (bullets will typically spread around the reticle)
  • ➢ The P90’s success is sufficiently higher at close range. The user should always advance as close to the enemy as possible, aim for the head, and employ the strafe firing technique
  • ➢ Bursting is the best technique for medium to long range plays. Since it takes 2 bullets to the head, or 5 bullets to the torso, to secure a kill against armored opponents, aim for the torso and burst fire 4 shots.
  • ➢ For long range, crouch and burst fire 1 to 3 rounds

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