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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference: M4A4

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapon Reference: M4A4


  • ➢  Average damage
  • ➢  High rate of fire
  • ➢  Moderate recoil
  • ➢  Average magazine size compared to other rifles
  • ➢  High rate of accuracy


  • ➢  High recoil when rapid firing
  • ➢  Long reload time
  • ➢  Expensive (when compared to its counterpart, the AK47)


  • ➢  The M4A4 is typically the go-to rifle for the Counter Terrorists. It has a longer range then the AK47 while offering sustainable damage.
  • ➢  Although headshots from the M4A4 will not result in a fatal hit against armored targets (it will against unarmored targets), it is recommended to aim for the head to deliver high damage or kill injured opponents.
  • ➢  While the M4A4 has its weaknesses, its relatively low recoil, compared to the SMGs and the AK47, allows it to perform accurately in close combat.


  • ➢  For long range plays, attempt to use the tapping shooting technique to secure headshots – the tapping technique is controlling your burst fire by waiting ~0.3 seconds (or for your crosshair to reset) in between shots.
  • ➢  Bursting is the best technique for medium and short range plays. Since it takes 2 bullets to the head, or 5 bullets to the torso, to secure a kill against armored opponents, aim for the torso and burst fire 4 shots.
  • ➢  With the burst technique, allow your recoil to start at the midsection of the hitbox and work its way up to head. If you can land 1 body shot and 1 headshot in succession, this will secure the kill.
  • ➢  At extremely close range, the M4A4 can be effective at spraying with its 666 RPM fire rate.

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