• ➢  Delivers fatal damage with 1 shot against even armored targets (excluding shots to the legs)
  • ➢  One of the highest penetration powers in the game
  • ➢  Extremely accurate at long range


  • ➢  One of the lowest rates of fire in the game
  • ➢  Long reload time
  • ➢  Expensive
  • ➢  Reduces movement speed severely
  • ➢  No crosshair and low accuracy when not using the scope
  • ➢  Emits a loud sound


  • ➢  The AWP is the preferred weapon of choice for most professional Counter-Strike players
  • ➢  The AWP’s high cost and low accuracy at close range requires the player to be in the backline
  • ➢  It is not recommended to use the AWP at close range. Instead pair the rifle with a high damage pistol (such as the Deagle)
  • ➢  The AWP’s high penetration power allows the user to secure kills through obstacles/walls (a good example is using the peeking
  • ➢  Force stopping or standing still before firing the AWP is highly recommended


  • ➢  For long range plays, attempt to crouch and fire in order to increase accuracy and decrease recoil
  • ➢  It’s not necessary to attempt headshots with the AWP, instead aim for the torso/stomach (the largest part of the hitbox)
  • ➢  Attempt to find a sniper’s roost or cover when using this weapon
  • ➢  When fighting against enemy snipers, seek cover between shots and allow the bolt to fully re-engage

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