AK-47 Weapon


  • ➢  High damage
  • ➢  Fast reload
  • ➢  Average magazine size
  • ➢  High first shot accuracy
  • ➢  Effective range
  • ➢  Efficient price


  • ➢  High recoil when rapid firing
  • ➢  Lower rate of fire compared to the M4A4
  • ➢  Heavy weapon
  • ➢  Emits a loud sound when fired


  • ➢  The AK47 is typically the go-to rifle for the Terrorists. It has adequate range while offering sustainable damage.
  • ➢  Headshots from the AK47 will result in a fatal hit against even armored targets
  • ➢  The AK47 has little side to side recoil when burst firing ~8 bullets.
  • ➢  The high penetration of the AK47 allows for excellent wall/obstacle penetration (wall-banging).
  • ➢  While the AK47 has its weaknesses (such as high recoil and slow movement speed), its high damage, range, magazine size, and low cost give it a slight edge over the M4A4.


  • ➢  For long range plays, attempt to use the tapping technique while aiming at the chest – the tapping technique is controlling your burst fire by waiting ~0.3 seconds (or for your crosshair to reset) in between shots.
  • ➢  Burst firing is the best technique for medium and short range plays. The first 2 shots from the AK47 are highly accurate (the third burst shot can jump quite a bit upwards).
  • ➢  With the burst technique, allow your recoil to start at the midsection of the hitbox and work its way up to the head.
  • ➢  The AK47’s first shot can be as accurate as that of a scoped sniper rifle when aimed properly. Because of this, using the strafe shooting technique while burst firing is the optimal strategy.

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