Home Maps A Look at the Map de_inferno in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Look at the Map de_inferno in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Look at the Map de_inferno in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Inferno (de_inferno) is a Bomb Defusal map featured in Counter-Strike. It appears in every game of the Counter-Strike series.

Map de_inferno MainOverview

The Terrorists objective is to plant the bomb or to eliminate all of the Counter-Terrorists. The Counter-Terrorists objective is to eliminate all of the Terrorists before the bomb is planted or to defuse the bomb after it is planted. The bomb sites play out as two critical gas pipelines located in a small village.


De_inferno was originally created by Chris Auty (a.k.a. Barney). His initial concept was to create a map out of an abandoned village setting. It has undergone numerous changed over the course of its existence. In Counter-Strike: Condition Zero the map was changed to reflect the layout of the mission Motorcade Assault from Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. Valve updated the textures to the same ones used in cs_italy. The time was also changed to reflect a nighttime atmosphere.

In Counter-Strike: Source the map again went under a complete overhaul. The textures and setting were once again reverted back to a small village (moving away from the previous cs_italy feeling). Aesthetic upgrades were made, such as the addition of hay bales at bombsite B and a pond at Bombsite A. The map layout became more complex, with numerous hiding places added. The previous sniper nest was remodeled into an apartment. An automated door to the apartments was added as well as the remodeling of Bombsite A to reflect ongoing construction. The setting was once again reverted back to daytime.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some visual and map layout changes were made. Nuclear containment barrels were added to the bombsites to add more backstory. The moveable props at Bombsite A were removed. Some parts of the map were removed; the apartment room in the middle of the map, the secondary pathway out of the Terrorist Spawn Zone, and the automated gate to the apartments.

Terrorist Spawn

Map de_inferno Terriost Spawn

Counter-Terrorist Spawn

Map de_inferno Counter-Terrorist SpawnBombsite A

Map de_inferno Bombsite ABombsite B

Map de_inferno Bombsite BAccess Point A

Map de_inferno Access Point AAccess Point B

Map de_inferno Access Point BArchway

Map de_inferno ArchwayApartments

Map de_inferno Apartments