Home Maps A Look at the Map cs_assault in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Look at the Map cs_assault in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Look at the Map cs_assault in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Assault (cs_assault) is a Hostage rescue map featured in Counter-Strike. It appears in every game of the Counter-Strike series since Beta. It was a largely popular map in
Counter-Strike 1.6, but has lost a lot of its appeal over the course of its rehashes.

cs_assult Map


Cs_assault is an urban map that takes place in an open, city like atmosphere. The Counter-Terrorists objective is to eliminate all of the Terrorists or rescue the hostages. The Terrorists want to eliminate all of the Counter-Terrorists or prevent them from rescuing
the hostages before the round timer ends.

In cs_assault, the terrorists spawn in a warehouse where the hostages are located. The Counter-Terrorists are provided access through multiple means into the warehouse. There is a duct shaft that is accessible from the roof. This splits in the middle, with one route leading to the hostage room and the other exit leading to the main forum of the warehouse. The garage door to the warehouse is also open in front, as well as two doors that give back access to the warehouse.


Cs_assault largely went unchanged until Counter-Strike: Source. The iconic security cameras that the Terrorists could use to view outside of the warehouse were removed. The highway overpass that led to the front entrance of the warehouse was changed into a train
station. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the hostages were split up as well, with one hostage moving towards the bottom level of the warehouse. Visual upgrades also were added, such as a weapons rack in the hostage room displaying every weapon available in the game. A road sign was also added, displaying the town name Riverside (a reference to Left 4 Dead).

Terrorist Spawn

cs_assult Terrorist Spawn

Counter-Terrorist Spawn

cs_assult Counter-Terrorist Spawn

Hostage Site A (Office)

cs_assult Hostage Site A

Hostage Site B (Inside Warehouse)

cs_assult Hostage Site B

Access Point A (Front Entrance)

cs_assult Access Point A

Access Point B (Back Entrance)

cs_assult Access Point B

Access Point C (Duct Work)

cs_assult Access Point C


cs_assult Overpass