How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

How To Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Arsenal is a unique game mode exclusive to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s broken down into two separate play styles, Arsenal: Demolition and Arsenal: Arms Race. Both game modes are derived from a popular game mod from the original Counter-Strike series, Gun Game. Achievements can also be earned in this game mode now (such as killing a set number of enemies in a row, winning a set number of matches, playing various Arsenal maps, etc).

Arsenal: Demolition

  1. First let’s talk about some restrictions. Buy menus are disabled and money will not be rewarded in this game mode. Weapons cannot be dropped or picked up. When a player dies, their weapon will immediately disappear.How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  2. When a player first starts an Arsenal game, he/she will only have access to a knife and a defusal kit (Counter-Terrorists only). A random Terrorist will also be given a C4 bomb.
  3. When the round ends, any player that succeeded in getting a kill (excluding team fire kills) will receive a weapon upgrade at the start of the next round. They will no longer have access to their previous weapon. An MVP is also selected (generally the person with the most take downs or the person who planted/defused the bomb).How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  4. If a player eliminates more than one enemy combatant in a single round, that player will be rewarded with extra equipment, such as an HE grenade. Just like with the weapons, if a player dies the extra equipment will immediately disappear.How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  5. The entire game can last 20 rounds. The first team to win 11 rounds is declared the winner. To make things fair, after 10 rounds each side will switch (so theoretically a player will have 10 games as a Counter-Terrorist and 10 games as a Terrorist).How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  6. The scenarios for winning a round are two-fold. The Terrorists can win by successfully planting and detonating the C4, or by eliminating all of the Counter-Terrorists. The Counter-Terrorists can win the round by successfully defusing the bomb or by eliminating all of the Terrorists before the bomb is planted. In this sense, Arsenal: Demolition is similar to bomb defusal maps (de_).How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  7. Arsenal: Demolition maps tend to be small to medium sized, providing quicker rounds.
  8. Available maps include (but are not limited to):
    • Bank
    • Safehouse
    • Shorttrain
    • Sugarcane
    • Lake
    • Shortdust
    • St. Marc
  9. The arrangement of weapon order for successfully killing an enemy is as followed:
    1. M4A4/AK-47
    2. P90
    3. UMP-45 / PP-Bizon
    4. Desert Eagle
    5. Nova
    6. Five-SeveN / P250
    7. P2000 / Glock 18
    8. SSG 08
    9. AWP
    10. SCAR-20 / G3SG1
  10. The arrangement of extra equipment for killing multiple enemies in one round is as followed:
    1. HE Grenade
    2. Flashbang
    3. Molotov Cocktail/Incendiary Grenade

Arsenal: Arms Race

ow to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike

  1. The restrictions for Arsenal: Arms Race is similar to that of Arsenal: Demolition. Buy menus are disabled, money will not be rewarded, and weapons cannot be thrown away or picked up.
  2. Some differences are that players will always have access to a knife and the weapon for their current level.
  3. Instead of receiving a weapons upgrade at the start of each new round, players receive a weapons upgrade immediately upon killing two enemy combatants with their current tier of weapon. How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  4. This style of Arsenal is different in that it is more solo based and less team oriented then Arsenal: Demolition.
  5. The game is completed when a player reaches their final weapon tier, the Gold Knife, and successfully kills an enemy combatant with it. After they score the kill, the team that the player was on is declared the winner. How to Play Arsenal in Counter-Strike
  6. Unlike Arsenal: Demolition, there is typically only one round. Players immediately respawn upon death (with a short respawn protection buff to prevent spawn camping).
  7. Players can lose levels by either being killed by an enemy combatant wielding a knife, by team killing a friendly player, or by committing suicide (such as falling to their death).
  8. The arrangement of weapons is random, but follow the same weapon pattern:
    1. 3 SMGs
    2. 4 Rifles
    3. 2 Shotguns
    4. 2 Sniper Rifles
    5. 1 Machine Gun
    6. 4 Pistols
  9. Available maps include (but are not limited to):
    • Baggage
    • Shoots
    • Lake
    • Monastery
    • St. Marc
    • Safehouse
  10. Unlike past Gun Game modes, players are required to secure 2 kills per weapon (excluding the Gold Knife) in order to level up to the next weapon.
  11. A new mechanic in Arsenal: Arms Race is the “Team Leader” feature. Each team is designated a leader based on how far that player has progressed in the round. That player will emit a red glow (Terrorists) or a yellow glow (Counter-Terrorists) and will be visible on the radar at all times. This allows for the enemy team to focus that player down. If a player kills the enemy team leader, they will instantly level up.