How to Become Better at Landing Headshots

One of the biggest elements to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the skill of landing headshots. Headshots are typically instant kills with most guns. It requires even more precise aiming and acute reflexes, something earned from dedication through practice. We’ll briefly talk about some of the skills and concepts necessary to increasing your chance to land headshots.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is huge. We need proper crosshair placement in relation to the enemy’s body so our reaction time can be minimal when it comes to moving our mouse. We’ve covered in depth about crosshair placement in another article, including proper and improper crosshair placement. As we came around this corner here in de_dust2, we already have our crosshair scanning for potential enemies. A quick headshot here instantly puts
down this combatant.

Better Headshots 1

In this image of de_aztec, we’re constantly scanning common camping areas for Terrorists near the bombsite A. We find 2 enemy combatants, one to our bottom right and one by the blue tarp.

Better Headshots 2

Patience/Gun-Tapping/Weapon Control

This is where we tell you that spraying is bad and a technique you should avoid at all costs. You want control of your gun, and thus control of your aim. This involves getting off burst shots while strafing (another skill we’ve highlighted in a How To article). Instead of quickly
taking a shot here, we’ve lined up our crosshair with the enemies head to secure an instant kill.

Better Headshots 3


When you combine proper crosshair placement while playing the peeking position, it can be quite lethal. Also we can tie all of this in with pre-aiming and pre-firing, helping us land headshots before our enemies can react (We also have articles that go more in depth on peeking and pre-aiming/pre-firing available). Below we’ve pre-aimed and pre-fired this
location after seeing evidence on radar that an enemy combatant was in this general location.

Better Headshots 4