Gfinity Masters I

After making it to the semi-finals of the ESL One Katowice 2015 and subsequently being eliminated by Ninjas In Pyjamas. Team EnVyUs did not let that stop them, they headed to the Gifinity Arena in London UK to compete in the Gfinity Spring Masters I. They were one of 8 teams competing for the grand prize of $25,000.

The teams were:

  • Ninjas In Pyjamas
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Cloud9
  • Team Property
  • Gamers2
  • Team Orbit
  • Team Infused

EnVyUs was showing their skills and dominance from the first day as part of Group A. They
defeated Team Property and NiP 2-0, easily securing the first playoff spot. NiP was able to secure the second playoff spot by beating Team Property 2-1. Team Property and Gamers2 did not qualify for the playoffs, in fact Gamers2 did not win a match and Team Property was only able to secure one win (over Gamers2).

Group B saw battle Team Infused and Cloud9 as they emerged undefeated and easily secured a playoff spot. The second playoff spot was secured by Cloud9 after they beat Team Orbit twice. Team Infused were unable to get any momentum and left scoreless. Team Orbit was only able to eke out one win (over Team Infused).

In the semi-finals Team EnVyUs brought their ‘A’ game and beat Cloud9 2-0. EnVyUs was
now poised for a chance at the grand prize. NiP was able to secure their chance for the grand prize by beating 2-1. Third place and $7000 was awarded to after they beat Cloud9 2-0. Cloud9 did not go home empty handed, they were awarded fourth place and $3000.

In the grand final Team EnVyUs faced NiP for the title of Gfinity Spring Master I, $25000
and a bit of redemption too. The first map they played was de_inferno and EnVyUs started strong winning 9 rounds straight. NiP was not going down lightly and they fought back to narrowly secure a win 16-14 rounds.

The second map was de_cache and Team EnVyUs was able to shake off the first round loss. They completely crushed NiP 16-5! With the games currently tied EnVyUs could not relax

The third map was de_dust2 and that was another close map. NiP and EnVyUs battled back
and forth the first half scoring 8-7 for NiP but they completely failed and lost 9 rounds to EnVyUs finishing the map with 16-11 in favor of EnVyUs.

The last map for the series win was de_cobblestone. NiP came out strong winning 8 rounds but they were unable to convert that momentum. Team EnVyUs expertly played and won
9 rounds and secured the win.

Team EnVyUs is the winner of the Gfinity Spring Masters I Championship and $25000! It must be a nice feeling after the upset at ESL One Katowice 2015.

Congratulations Team EnVyUs!!

Gfinity Spring Masters Champions


Below is the prize money distribution.

  • 1st Team EnVyUs – $25000
  • 2nd Ninja In Pyjamas – $15000
  • 3rd – $7000
  • 4th Cloud9 – $3000