Champions League

With the conclusion of another championship weekend in the ongoing CS:GO Champions League, Team Virtus.Pro.CS from Poland asserted its dominance over the remaining teams even after facing a few losses. With a series of remarkable performances, the Polish team moved to a rating of 1302 points and secured 1st position in the league table, 2nd position in the EU and 5th position in the world!

CS:GO Champions League: A Quick Recap

The road to the top in the Round Robin has been a tough one for team Virtus.Pro.CS; however, the team has shown incredible fight to ensure that they continue to be placed at the top in this prestigious tournament. In particular, the Virtus.Pro.CS and Team LGB eSports rivalry has been incredibly heated, with both teams going at each other with no holds barred. Before the two teams began their round of matches however, Virtus.Pro.CS first faced off with Natus Vincere.

Virtus.Pro.CS VS Natus Vincere

Champions League Virtus Pro CS VS Natus Vincere

Ranked 4th in the world and 1st in EU East, Natus Vincere was always going to be a tough team to beat and Virtus.Pro.CS’s 1-0 loss showed exactly that. With the two teams playing a 1 game match at de_cobblestone, things began well for the Polish team as they edged out their rivals 8-7 playing as Counter Terrorists first. However, when the two teams switched, it was Natus Vincere that comprehensively won the round with a score 9-1.

Virtus.Pro.CS VS LGB eSports

Champions League Virtus Pro CS VS LBG eSports

Coming back to the LGB eSports and Virtus.Pro.CS rivalry, the first match between the two teams was held on the 23rd of April, with Virtus.Pro.CS edging its rivals by a score of 1-0. Playing the map de_mirage, team Virtus.Pro.CS began as Counter-Terrorists and lost the first round 7-8. However, after switching to Terrorists, Virtus.Pro.CS upped the ante and beat the rivals by a score 9-6. The victory was not only owed to superior tactics employed by Virtus.Pro.CS, but also to the grit and resilience the team showed to crawl back into the match and eventually win it.

However, in the rematch held on the same day, Virtus.Pro.CS lost to LGB eSports. Contesting a 1 game match again, the two teams faced off in de_overpass. Playing as Counter Terrorists first, Virtus.Pro.CS quickly jumped on the front foot and dominated the rivals with a score of 10-5. However, LGB eSports miraculously turned things around when the two teams switched and ended up beating Virtus.Pro.CS 11-2. The massive margins by which both teams won the CT rounds showed that there was a certain advantage when
playing as Counter-Terrorists in this particular match, and both teams capitalized on that advantage quiet well. However, it was LGB eSports that won by the greater margin, and hence, won the match as well.

The month of April for team Virtus.Pro.CS has been a good one. Currently, the team has a win percentage of 70%, with 16 wins and 7 losses!

Rules and Prize Money:

The CS:GO Champions League includes comprises of a total of 10 teams and a single group. The top 6 ranked teams progress on to the Play-Offs. The teams ranked 1st and 2nd at the end of the group stages get to play in the 2nd round of the Play-Offs. In the Play-Offs, 6 teams compete with only the top 3 making it. The teams progressing to the Grand Finale play 5 matches in a best of 5 scenario, with a 1 map advantage.

The prize pool for the event is a $30,000; however, individual team pay-outs have not been revealed as yet.

CSS kick off Season – LAN finals:
Elsewhere, Team Solomid’s form in April has been pure dominance after winning the CSS kick off season LAN finals. The team more than made up for its April 13th loss to Team Fnatic, beating the latter twice in the space of 2 days. The scores were:

Day 1:

  • Team Solomid: 2
  • Team Fnatic: 0

Day 2 – Final:

  • Team Solomid: 3
  • Team Fnatic: 1

The scores asserted the Danish team’s dominance over everybody else, and the $40,000 reward was certainly well deserved.

The team greatly improved from their performances in March, and, so far in April, Team Solomid has a win percentage of 75% with 18 wins and 6 losses. More remarkably, the team is on a hot streak of form, having won 7 matches consecutively.

Team Solomid Dominates LAN Finals

Champions League Team Solomid VS Fnatic

As it currently stands, Team Solomid is ranked number 1 in the world with a rating of 1441 points. Following suit in second place is the Swedish team Fnatic, with a rating of 1357 points. In third position is Ninjas in Pyjamas, with a rating of 1346 points.

With every passing week in the CS:GO Champions League, the excitement levels keep on rising. The beauty of the tournament is such that all teams are closely matched, yet nothing can be taken for granted as shown by Virtus.Pro.CS’s rise to the top of the table. As the Play-Offs draw closer, it certainly will be exciting to see which team comes out on the top.

In the end, we would like to congratulate team Solomid for their unprecedented victory in the CSS kick off Season LAN finals.

Team Solomid CSS Kickoff Winner