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How and Why to Start Recording Gaming Videos

How and Why to Start Recording Gaming Videos

In this post we will discuss one of the simplest things you could do to enjoy and improve your gaming sessions more. However, this discussion is not going to be all about “fun and play” as we will find a new way to reflect on our skills and experience. Recording videos in the game is as easy, as it is to play them back and even export, convert, edit and share them. As for the technical aspect of doing so, we will leave for it for the end of the post and focus on the actual purpose and meaning of creating them.

Being “observed” changes our performance

The act of recording your game does not get in the way of playing in a technical manner. As soon as you execute the appropriate command, recording has started and you can even forget about doing it and focus on your performance. Yes, it is a performance! It is well known that our behavior changes according to whether we are being observed. It doesn’t matter if we are being observed by another person or by the lens of a camera. Being observed affects our gaming, we become self-conscious of the fact that it is being

This could either enhance your game and have you play better then you usually would or it may make you nervous and more prone to errors. You may be worried that the recording will represent you in a bad way, that you would look worse than you actually are. If you start playing better then usually it means that you are trying to make yourself look like a very good player.

It is OK to try and show your best for the video, but don’t get to worried if you are not doing it or if you are showing your “not so best”. The purpose of recording is not just to show off or feed your ego, so don’t give up if it doesn’t look that good. My advice is this – try to forget that you are recording. Be as calm as possible and focus on the game.

Watch those videos to experience the thrill of the game

This is the very first thing you should do with your recordings. Watch them and experience the excitement of the game again. Celebrate the headshots and all the other great stuff you did. If you manage to score four or five enemies in a row, trust me, you are going to want to watch it again and experience it again.

There is great pleasure in relaxing, leaning back on the chair and just watching the game, but this time, it will develop in front of your eyes by itself. It is OK to look at your own “work” and accomplishments enjoying them. It is also OK to show it to your friends or even upload it online and present it to the world.

Here comes the tricky bit. We are not always our best. There are moments when you will die, over and over again, without managing to get out of that loophole and show what you’re really capable of. Be warned – playing the game is not just pure fun, it is also disappointing at times. You don’t have to show the bad sessions to your friends, but don’t erase the files just yet. There might be another thing to do with them and this is what brings us to my next point.

Study your game!

Now is the moment when you can watch your game and figure out what you did wrong. I know that it hurts and that it’s painful, but take the time and study your game. Try to find out what you did well and acknowledge it, but also try to understand what you did wrong and admit it.

If you analyze your game and draw the right conclusions, the next time you are playing and find yourself in a similar situation you will be better. You could learn how to move and seek cover better, aim better, throw grenades better, surprise your enemy, know the map and passages and much more.

You can also use those recordings to study the game of your opponents! Watching a video could reveal where was the camper hiding and from where you were being shot at. If you just die without realizing what actually happened, watch the recording and study the situation. If you come across a player you really admire and aspire to, go to spectator mode and record his game. You could learn so many things by watching the game of others – you will find both good things to learn and bad things to avoid. Playing is not just a
passive reaction to what is happening in the game. It is also an active and dynamic process of analyzing your behavior and adjusting your approach to the current situation. So, keep playing, keep learning and enjoy yourself!

Ok, so how do I actually record a video?

You could easily record and watch demo files with the following commands:

record filename

playdemo filename

If you would like to take it a step further look at this article. Happy gaming and please leave your questions, comments and feedback in the comments section below.