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The Fun with Gaming on Counter-Strike Respawn Servers

The Fun with Gaming on Counter-Strike Respawn Servers

In this post I would like to discuss playing on a respawn server. This is a very popular gaming mode, easily accessible from around the world and in my opinion everyone should try it at least once. There are a few points that have to be mentioned and talked about in more detail: why do we actually like to play this mode so much, how could we make the most out of it in terms of developing skills and getting better at the game, and what are the potential risks involved in getting too used to playing respawn. I hope that you will find the information, viewpoint and personal experience insight both useful and entertaining and do share with us your own experience and thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Everyone probably knows what respawn is – having the opportunity to play uninterrupted for as long as you desire. This is achieved by not having to wait for the round to be over. As soon as you get killed, you get to start again right away – usually respawning at your team’s base or if the server is configured like this – at a random spot on the map. Personally, I am not a huge fan of respawning anywhere else but in your base, so before we begin the discussion, let’s assume that you have found the following server to play on:

1. It runs only one map (dust2 for example).

2. You don’t have to purchase your weapons with earned money – at the beginning of every round, you are presented with a weapons selection menu and you can get anything you want without having to pay for it.

3. Players respawn at the team’s base only. So everyone starts from the same place, every time (at this point you are probably starting to get some nasty ideas already).

As you have probably concluded, this gaming mode is really different from the conventional way of playing Counter Strike.

The first thing that gets us excited is the ability to start playing right after getting killed, without having to wait for the round to be over. We can score more frags, spend less time just waiting and doing nothing, and really get our game going quickly as this mode is very dynamic.

Playing on a server like that is the perfect opportunity for us to explore the map, go back to a certain place again and again to practice playing that spot. It is an ideal way to learn a new map you have not played before or just indulge yourself and stick to those you really like.

Having the opportunity to get any weapon for no cash allows us to either practice some specific pistol or rifle, or just keep playing the weapons we love without having to worry about funds.

The player can really shape his experience – you could either have a very repetitive style of playing, or approach the game by mixing it up and trying new things you wouldn’t do on a conventional server. Let’s look at some examples:

Round 1: You feel like taking a chance so you purchase a deagle only and rush to the enemy team on your own as soon as the freeze time is over.

Round 2: Assuming you are playing Terrorists, this time you get your hands on the bomb and go for B with your AK-47 and deagle.

Round 3: Now you feel like taking your time and keeping a greater distance from your enemies – pick up an AWP and go find a sweet spot that allows you to use all the advantages of that weapon.

You can play those in only a few minutes, depending on how quickly you die. This mode is very time efficient. Whenever I have no more than 20-30 minutes to play, I would definitely go on a respawn server and get the maximum action for that half an hour, and have the opportunity to play anyway I like without having to worry for taking chances.

Let’s mention some other scenarios that we no longer have to face:

Nobody likes to have to wait for that last teammate, who has been camping behind boxes for hours and can’t be found by the enemies to get killed.

Another thing that happens fairly often is having one or two players alive on each side, who are circling the map and can’t find each other. It is annoying and wastes your time.

I have not seen it in a while, but sometimes the remaining players like to tease the spectating “ghosts” who are waiting for the round to be over. You may wonder how, but it is really easy and simple – instead of actually trying to kill the remaining enemy or place/defuse the bomb they would start playing leapfrog – one guy would crouch and the other one has to jump over him. This way, they can truly waste your time and take the piss, as the British say, for unlimited time.

Before we move to the potential risks related to respawn I would like to give a simple idea on how to approach this gaming mode. The best thing about having enemies pop up at their base all the time is that if you are fast enough to kill and fast enough to hide, whenever necessary, you could have a really long killing streak. Just find a spot on the map that is close to their base and that offers both direct shooting possibilities and good hide outs. It is usually not a great idea to just fight your way to the very center of their base and try to handle everybody as they respawn, so keep a medium to long distance and make sure you have a cover for when you need it. This way you could have a killing streak of 10+ frags in no time. I am sure that you would come up with it yourself in no time, but if you have not already go ahead and try it.

Now the downside (it can’t all be puppy dogs and rainbows!), if you get used to playing respawn, you might find it difficult to go back to the conventional mode when you feel like playing it, so don’t be too surprised or frustrated. After switching back to conventional it is hard to slow down the pace, manage your funds wisely, restrain from rushing the enemies on your own and generally all the other silly, but fun things we do when all the limitations are dropped. It takes time to change strategy and to adjust to the different climate and rules.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the following changes occur in our life: we suddenly become immortal and can do all the things that would usually harm us, and we have unlimited amount of money at our disposal. If I had unlimited money I would probably get myself a gaming ultrabook mind, play whatever I want on the go! Yes please. Everybody would go viral and this is exactly what happens on a respawn server. But as soon as we lose those abilities it becomes very difficult to go back to the usual lifestyle, especially if we’ve spend too much time living like this. Keep this in mind and try to mix your game. It is also worth mentioning that if you spend too much time playing your favorite map on a respawn server, very soon, you could find yourself fed up with it.

Now get out there and start gaming! I wish you good luck, more headshots and to become the best players you can be. Most of all have fun!!